Alive Again


“The only important thing is to live.”

Sounds so easy, so obvious. But in the rush of living life to the fullest and meeting all of our commitments to work and to family, it’s easy to miss out on living the life we want.

A few years ago, I met some incredible people – true survivors – as part of a lymphoma awareness video called Alive Again, which was produced with the music from DJ Champion, a young musician from Quebec who also has lymphoma. In the video, he talks about putting everything – his music, his public life, all of it – on hold to deal with his illness. “The only important thing is to live.” You cling to this thought, and it frames everything you do. For some, life is forever changed, and focusing on the things that matter continues to be a reality.

Why do we wait for a crisis to push us to analyze our lives, and finally make the change we want?

Don’t wait for an event outside of your control, whether illness or other pivotal moments like job loss,  divorce, or the death of a loved one, to become the tipping point for finally pursuing the life you want. You’ll have missed the time in between. The here and now.

It’s not easy. Even in the face of a critical, incurable illness, I too have struggled with making those changes. And still struggle to this day. Perhaps it’s denial, mixed with a little bit of procrastination and invincibility, that allowed me to pretend for far too long that I didn’t need to deal with the here and now realities of my illness and make serious changes in the way I intentionally chose to live my life. I’ll talk more about these struggles in upcoming posts, and I’m certainly not out of the woods yet. Ignoring the demons that push me to overwork and forget about living well continue to plague me. It’s a daily struggle, and I’ll share the ups and downs I’ve faced along the way.

Thank you for joining me on this path.